Game Client Download and Installation

  • A minimum of 6GB space is required to install Silkroad Online. Please check your hard disk storage capacity before installation.
  • Please refer to the minimum requirements and recommendations below, and install all required programs.
Full Client
File Size : 2GB
Version : V1.176
Update : 2019.02.16
Full Client via torrentDOWNLOAD

Mirror Sites

  • mega.co.nz
  • googledrive

Latest Direct X Download


DirectX 9.0c or higher version must be installed to smoothly install and play Silkroad Online.

Graphics Driver Download

  • The driver provided by Silkroad Online is the graphics driver optimized for Silkroad Online.
GeForce series

Download GeForce, Riva, TNT

Latest NVIDIA Drivers
ati radeon
ATI series

Download Radeon, All in Wonder, Rage Drivers

Latest ATI Drivers

System Requirements

  • Silkroad Online is a Full 3D MMORPG game. If the system does not meet the minimum requirements, the game will not run or if it runs, it will not run properly. To run the game properly, it is recommended to meet the minimum requirements as much as possible.
Min. Specifications
Recommended Specifications
CPU Pentium 3 800MHz or higher Pentium 4 2.4GHz or higher
RAM 2048MB 4096MB
VGA 3D speed over GeForce2 or ATI 9000 3D speed over GeForce FX 5600 or ATI9500
SOUND DirectX 9.0c Compatibility card DirectX 9.0c Compatibility card
HDD 4GB or higher(including swap and temporary file) 4GB or higher(including swap and temporary file)
OS Windows 2000, XP, Vista Windows 2000, XP, Vista